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September 2016 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from our improvements in September 2016:

1) New Task Copilots

This month we improved our copilot feature and added 2 new copilots for creating single stage Cart and Browse Abandonment Emails. You can make progress much faster and easier with the help of our copilots, as they take you through the process of using the given feature, step by step. Just log in to your Fresh Relevance account, and you will see each copilot on the main dashboard. Click on “Start” to try one.

Task Copilot for creating single stage cart abandonment emails

Create a Cart Abandon Email Trigger easier and faster than ever before! Just click on the right copilot and it will walk you through creating an automatic abandonment email that triggers when a cart is abandoned.

Task Copilot for creating single stage browse abandonment emails

You can also create a Browse Abandon Email Trigger easily and quickly! Click on this copilot and follow the step by step instructions for creating an automatic browse abandonment email trigger, for when a customer leaves your site after looking at products but without putting anything in their cart.


2) Save and re-use preview values for SmartBlocks

Now, whenever you preview a SmartBlock, the values you last used to preview that SmartBlock will be remembered. This is particularly helpful when testing SmartBlocks that merge parameters from the query collection – for example, merging a person’s name onto an image. You can find this in the usual place, in your Fresh Relevance account under Content|SmartBlocks.

Here's an example. You are editing a SmartBlock with a parameter named "MerryChristmas!" (yes, we believe in flexibility and you really can use names like that). This means, when you include the SmartBlock in an email, the slot HTML includes the merge code to pass in a value from the ESP.

Previously it was quite difficult to test SmartBlocks with parameters, because you had to retype them in the Preview section every time. But now they are remembered. So in this example, no matter how many times you preview the SmartBlock, the value "This text will stay here!" will always be passed into the variable "MerryChristmas!"

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