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Social Proof Series: Leverage Peer Social Proof in your Marketing

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This blog post is the first of 5 in our new “Social Proof Series” introducing the 5 different types of social proof that are the secret ingredients to successful customer lifecycle marketing.

We Are Family

What do PayPal, Uber and Deliveroo have in common? Their hugely successful ‘Refer a Friend’ campaigns may be one of the key reasons these three companies have become the household names that they are today.

We all know the saying “mother knows best”, and it does hold true for purchase behavior in the digital marketing world. Despite all the latest tech innovations and detailed data analysis, when it comes down to making a decision, studies consistently show that people are four times more likely to follow a recommendation if it is made by a friend or family member.

Get Started

Here are three ways to leverage peer social proof across email and web to help give your marketing campaigns a boost with a little help from your shoppers’ network.

Leverage the Order Confirmation Page

When a customer has just placed an order with you, they’ll be feeling positive about your brand and excited about their latest purchase. Use this opportunity to encourage them to spread the word by making it as easy as possible for them to share their experience with your brand.


Source: thortful.com


Greeting cards retailer Thortful encourages shoppers to gift a friend with a discount while also redeeming a discount for themselves on its order confirmation page. This referral campaign catches customers when they have their shopping experience with you top-of-mind, and gives them the chance to save both themselves and their friends a bit of cash in the future, a perfect reason to shop again with you over your competitors.

Give Advice on the Best Way to Share UGC

Reposting images shared by happy customers will help you to show off your products easily and encourage more customers to post similar content. So make sure your customers know exactly how they should be sharing their user-generated content, right down to what hashtags they should be using to grab your attention. Promote your social media presence and tell them what type of content you’re looking for.

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

Urban Outfitters encourages customers to use the hashtag #UOonYou to share UGC on its Instagram page and website and has a good mix of professional and user-generated content.

Combine Marketing Avenues

Surfdome has found a smart way to build trust and one-to-one relationships by combining physical and digital channels. The surf brand includes a flyer in the parcel with the customer order that promotes their social media channels and offers a discount that shoppers can share with their friends.


Source: @Surfdome on Instagram

By understanding what social proof tactics are most effective for your product and audience, you deliver the right content to reassure customers that your brand is the right one to check out with. Stay tuned for our next blog post of this series to learn how you can leverage user social proof across channels.

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