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Email and Web Personalization Toolkit

email and web personalization toolkit

2017 has been a year for coming together and instilling peace and safety for one another. A year for solidarity and resilience against threats to our communities. What better time of year to celebrate this feeling of togetherness than the 2017 holiday season? This year, celebrate the festive season with personalized email and web content to drive engagement, build loyalty, and increase sales. 

Retail During the Holiday Season

The holiday season begins October 31 and ends January 4 and is the highlight of the retail year. Some retailers rely on the holiday season for as much as 30% of annual sales with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Super Saturday bringing in the most traffic - both cyber and foot.

Moreover, as Black Friday continues to dominate, data is showing Cyber Monday’s performance weaken from previous years, suggesting shoppers and retailers are more focused on kicking off the shopping weekend with strong Black Friday promotions. 2016 US retail sales in November and December rose by 4% from 2015 according to a study by the National Retail Federation. In addition, UK eCommerce sales in December were 19% higher than in 2015.

We can Make Your Dreams Come True and Boost Your Sales this Holiday Season!

We at Fresh Relevance are looking forward to celebrating the 2017 holiday season and want to provide you with the tools to bring your digital marketing campaigns together with dynamic, personalized, real-time digital email and website engagement. In our Holiday Guide, you'll see examples of Automated Emails, Countdown Timers, Social Proof, and Product Recommendations, as well as a variety of other ways Fresh Relevance can help you to personalize your email and website strategy ready for the holidays!

In our Holiday Guide you will find:

Our Holiday Checklist: Web, Mobile, and Email Personalization

Use our Holiday Checklist to ensure that your email and web strategy is personalized throughout the entire holiday season. 

Black Friday: Promotional Emails and Web

Use Browse and Cart Abandon Emails from Black Friday product research to entice customers to complete purchases.

Cyber Monday: Promotional Emails and Web

 Learn how you can best market your brand on Cyber Monday, with our examples of Cart Abandon Emails and Web Personalization.

12 Days of VIP: Web and Email Daily Deals

Create personalized retail experiences in your emails and websites, with promotions leading up to Christmas Day and beyond, using Real-Time tools.

Download our Holiday Guide to Personalize your Marketing Strategy Ready for this Year's Holiday Season!



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