Your guide to planning 2019: The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar

Your guide to planning 2019: The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar Headshot

By Natasha Kenyon, Marketing Operations Executive

2019, a new year promising endless opportunity to improve and innovate. How can you make the most of it in your eCommerce marketing strategy though?

We all know that website visits and sales increase during key shopping events; just take a look at how web traffic grew around Black Friday 2018. But it shouldn’t end with classic peak days, such as Valentine’s Day or Back-to-School. There are thousands of events, national days and holidays throughout the year that you can leverage to keep your marketing relevant.

Why not spice it up with campaigns around National Unicorn Day, World Emoji Day or Star Wars Day? Event-specific email, web and social content holds endless creative potential for your eCommerce marketing, but it’s not always easy to keep track of all the opportunities out there and how to make use of them in your campaigns. Modern marketers aren’t known for being blessed with masses of extra time. Here at Fresh Relevance, we’ve come up with a solution to all your campaign planning needs…

The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar

It is the one stop shop resource to keep your emails, web and social up to date and relevant. It has been designed to give you practical, usable inspiration throughout the whole year.

The calendar is structured around 96 different national and international days and events. It contains 250 + marketing examples from top brands in a variety of verticals. There are also a myriad of different practical web, email and social ideas to help you boost loyalty and engagement and ultimately increase your eCommerce revenue. Using this guide, you’ll be able to plan ahead and front-load 2019 with fun and engaging ideas for your eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’re getting:

The eCommerce Marketing Calendar 2019 gives practical marketing inspiration and examples

Download The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar now to start planning!