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Three-Time Winners of Email Innovation Of The Week

Only Influencers Email Innovation of the Week Winners

SOUTHAMPTON, UK – Fresh Relevance, the real-time marketing hub, today announced that we have just won Only Influencers "Email Innovation of the Week" for the third time, with our coupons feature. This is a record, we believe.

4th January 2016 - Email Innovation of the Week: Coupons from Fresh Relevance

We now issue coupons to individuals opening emails or visiting a client’s website.

This allows online retailers to create unique coupons on their eCommerce system, then target these coupons to individual shoppers as part of an email campaign.

As each individual opens an email from the campaign, Fresh Relevance will allocate a coupon to that person. Each time they open the email, they will see the same coupon, with a unique code for them. The coupon is formatted when the email is opened, so it can also expire after a period of time. They will then see a different message/creative, as chosen by the marketer.

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23rd November 2015 - Weekly Email Innovation: Fresh Relevance now has Automatic Daily and Weekly Emails

We now provide automatic daily or weekly emails.

This allows online retailers to increase their email send frequency and make more revenue, without doing more work to setup email campaigns manually.

The Fresh Relevance system tracks what shoppers are doing, and decides what categories of products are of interest to each shopper. We also look at the most popular products in each category, and make recommendations based on all this behavioral data. This is all automatic and can generate the whole email, or just a part of the email, depending on the design desired by our client.

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7 November 2015 - Email Innovation of the Week Winner: Social Proof from Fresh Relevance

We've added Social Proof for Web and Email Campaigns.

This allows online retailers to easily share with shoppers real-time statistics, showing what products and services have been recently viewed and/or purchased. For example "28 others are viewing this hotel right now!" or "7 recently bought!".

Social proof provides shoppers with more information and confidence upon which to base their purchasing decision. It is a powerful technique to convert browsers to buyers during sale periods and limited offers by giving a sense of urgency. For example, displaying that 68 people have looked at the same 50% off product in the last 30 minutes will motivate the visitor to make a purchasing decision faster, if they fear they may miss out.

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CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, comments, “We like nothing better than bringing great new real-time features to email marketers, so they can match and even exceed the work of their colleagues on the web. It's fantastic when a respected community like Only Influencers recognizes this work."

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