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Keep triggered email campaigns fresh with optimization

Keep triggered email campaigns fresh with optimization Headshot

By Tom Ricards, Head of Channel & Partnerships

How to boost revenue with triggered email testing and optimization

Email remains consumers’ prefered way to stay in touch with retailers. Triggered emails, such as cart and browse abandonment messages, are especially effective as they allow you to interact with customers who have already signaled their interest.

But launching an automated email program is just the start. By reviewing and optimizing campaigns on an ongoing basis, you will supercharge your emails to drive conversions and increase revenue - all without stretching your resources.

Here’s how to make the most of potential sales with triggered email optimization:


Considerations for triggered email optimization

Many variables influence the performance of triggered emails. While you can never know for sure how well an email will perform, you can use data and best practice to optimize the factors within your control:


1. Relevant content

Tailor emails to the shopper’s unique profile and behavior

Over one in four consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that sends emails tailored to them. To keep customers engaged, it’s vital to fine-tune your email personalization.

There are now more ways than ever to personalize email content. Intelligent data collection and coordination allows you to track an individual’s preferences in real time. This gives you the power to target content based on a range of factors such as a shopper’s preferred category, brand or color.

You can also use segmentation to provide different offers and rewards depending on a customer’s behavior. While some shoppers are attracted by incentives, some will be drawn back to your website with a simple cart or browse abandonment email. There’s no reason to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to triggered emails.



Make the most of sophisticated product recommendations

Including relevant product suggestions in automated emails is a proven way to cross and upsell your products, and can help close the sale in cases where the abandoner initially couldn't find what they were looking for.

With the Fresh Relevance platform, you have the ability to flexibly blend over 20 different types of product recommendations based on wisdom of the crowd, behavioral data and AI-based insights.

By making use of sophisticated recommendations, marketers can provide customers with highly relevant suggestions that are most likely to lead to a sale.


2. Frequency and timeliness

Optimize frequency based on the customer journey

When it comes to multi-step triggered campaigns, many marketers worry that sending more than one email could antagonize customers.

In fact, multi-step campaigns can lead to a sales uplift 21% more than single step triggers. Shoppers lead fast-paced lives and are often distracted. By sending a well-timed second or third reminder, you can re-engage customers who were sidetracked from buying their desired product.

You could also benefit from adding more types of triggered email to your toolkit. For example, shoppers appreciate post purchase emails with relevant suggestions on how to use or care for the item. Replenishment campaigns notify customers that they're about to run out of their favourite product. This kind of attentive customer service boosts loyalty and helps secure repeat business.



Send emails at the right time

For multi-step abandonment campaigns, it’s important to test different delays between emails. Of course, you’ll want to send the first abandonment email quickly - probably within 30 minutes. But for further follow ups, the perfect timing will depend on your audience’s buying habits.


3. Make the most of testing

There’s no need to use guess work to enhance automated email campaigns. Split testing allows you to send a different variation to a given percentage of recipients and see which version performs best.

Tests aren’t limited to email content: use them to optimize the delay between emails, and the number of emails in a multi-step program.

When performing a test, it’s important to set KPIs and know which metric you want to focus on — opens, click throughs, conversions, or revenue. Then you can decide on the winning variation using real data.


Get started with triggered email optimization

If you’re eager to optimize your triggered email marketing, but don’t have the time or resources to get started, Fresh Relevance can help. Our experienced team will work with you to design and optimize campaigns to meet your business and individual goals.

We do this by reviewing your existing programs and collaborating with you to define the best strategy. Once we have supported you through initial set-up and optimization, we will review the results and provide you with further recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Limited resources needn’t be a barrier to keeping your triggered emails fresh.

Drive more engagement and revenue from automated emails with our optimization package:


Keep triggered email campaigns fresh with optimization Headshot

By Tom Ricards

Head of Channel & Partnerships

As Head of Channel and Partnerships at Fresh Relevance, Tom ensures that our highly valued partner network has the tools needed to enable both their teams and their eCommerce and travel based clients to succeed with all of their personalization plans.