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Fresh Relevance Launch

Triggered Messaging Launch 2012 Social Share Image

Fresh Relevance has been running in beta for a while and it's time to remove the training wheels and let it go live. No big launch party - we're just re-pointing the signup link to the create account page.

At the same time, we've re-skinned the Administration Site at https://admin.triggeredmessaging.com to make it simpler and more stylish:

  • The current page title shows across the top. Click the question mark for help.
  • There's a single navigation bar down the left side. Click on an entry in this nav bar to display the corresponding page - or, if there's an arrow head, to expand/collapse a concertina entry.
  • The nav bar is permanently visible on large screens; on very small screens it will scroll away to make room and you can get it back by clicking at the top left.
  • Your website shows at the top right. Click this to see your session details, or logoff.

Here are two examples:



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