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We’re the Leading Cart Recovery Provider in the UK

We're the Leading cart Recovery Provider in the UK

And the good news keeps coming in! After we were shortlisted for two Retail Systems Awards last week, we’re delighted to share today that we’re the No. 1 cart abandonment provider in the UK.

A sector analysis by BuiltWith uncovered that we’re leading the charge and are used by one in five British eCommerce websites measured.



Retailers appreciate that our personalization platform integrates with their existing ESP and eCommerce platform, so they can send their first campaigns quickly. Our cart abandonment solution also recovers more shopping carts than any other system, even for multi-device shoppers. This is due to our automatic cross-channel cart rebuild irrespective of the device the shopper returns to the website on.

Suppose a shopper opens their cart recovery email and clicks through to your site on a different device to the one they were using when they abandoned the cart. As it’s a different device with different cookies, the eCommerce system usually starts a new session with an empty shopping cart. Our cart rebuild, however, follows the shopper across devices and ensures that the shopper finds the items they had left behind when they return - which has a significant impact on conversion rate. On average, retailers see a 6.7% uplift on revenue per visitor from using our cart recovery solution.

And by the way, we’re also one of the leading personalization vendors in the UK as an analysis by Datanyze revealed. They say that hard work is its own reward, and we couldn’t agree more, but we sure love it when our personalization platform and its unrivalled range of content tools delight customers just as much.