We’re proud to announce our latest Fresh Relevance logo

We’re proud to announce our latest Fresh Relevance logo Headshot

By Pete Austin, CINO, Founder

It’s almost a year since we redesigned our logo, so it was time to take another look. The logo still looked great, but we were nostalgic for the distinctive fruit segments from an earlier version (the “fresh” part of “fresh relevance”). We also wanted to improve readability and brand recognition of smaller logo versions.

So we’ve combined the previous two versions and (fanfare) here is our new Fresh Relevance logo…

Fresh Relevance Logo

  • It’s instantly recognizable as us, based on our previous two logos.
  • The colors match the previous version, but with a tiny bit more brightness and contrast. 
  • The revealed fruit segments are back, meaning “fresh”.
  • The graphic is now circular. The concept is still a Venn diagram of overlapping circles, which means “relevance” (targeting). But while the left circle is fully visible; the right circle is virtual and indicated by the curve of the segments border, like the circular shadow of the Earth crossing the moon during a lunar eclipse.
  • The font is larger to improve readability, because there’s more available width, so the logo will work better when used in a grid alongside other brands.
  • The logo was designed by our talented in-house design team.

You can find details here: https://www.freshrelevance.com/company/press/press-kit