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What Happened on Black Friday 2015 (Updated)

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Ecommerce web traffic for Black Friday this year, 2015

And last year, 2014


  1. In 2015, the Black Friday effect started on the previous Sunday and built throughout "Black Friday Week", as some brands jumped the gun and released offers early. This is in stark contrast to last year (more details here), when the previous week was actually lower as shoppers waited for deals.
  2. The Thursday before Black Friday (better known as Thanksgiving in the USA), continues to do well. 
  3. Traffic on Black Friday itself was higher than last year, at about 220% of normal levels, but we did not see any unusual activity or notice any clients having problems. Clearly, marketers and support staff have got the hang of the peak loads.
  4. Saturday and Sunday of "Black Friday Weekend" were somewhat higher than last year.
  5. Cyber Monday was much reduced. It seems that "Black Friday" offers are being spread over a wider period and Cyber Monday is getting overshadowed.
  6. We expect traffic to remain about 25% higher than normal in the run up to Christmas, like it did last year.
  7. Update on 9 December: As you can see, traffic has dropped back to about 110% of normal. Black Friday this year looks like a smooth curve of raised traffic, lasting about 2 weeks, with a big spike on Black Friday itself and mini-spikes above the curve on Thanksgiving Thursday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday is now world-wide


The Data

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