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What to Expect on Black Friday 2017

black friday shopping

The holiday season begins October 31 and ends January 4 and it is punctuated by festivities such as Thanksgiving (in the US), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and the New Year. Black Friday is an important event in the retail calendar, often driving traffic about 200% normal activity levels.

So what do you need to know and expect this coming Cyber Monday and Black Friday? Let us help you out:

eCommerce Web Traffic for Black Friday 2016

Looking at last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends will help predict the trends that will occur this year, so let’s talk about what happened in 2016.

  • On Black Friday itself last year, traffic reached about 224% of normal levels, which is also very similar to the traffic levels from the year before.
  • In 2016, the ‘Black Friday Effect’ started the Sunday before the day itself and sales built throughout what was named ‘Black Friday Week’.
  • The day before Black Friday (better known as Thanksgiving in the USA) also attracted high levels of traffic last year, as it appears to do most years.
  • Cyber Monday was an unsuccessful day for traffic in 2016 in comparison to the years preceding, with significantly less traffic than 2016’s Black Friday and Thanksgiving, too.

So What’s Coming This Year?

Drawing from the traffic trends during the Black Friday period from previous years, we have some clear expectations for the fast approaching 2017 Black Friday:

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