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Wolseley Achieves a Sales Uplift of 2.9% with Fresh Relevance and Adestra

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Ever heard the saying that two heads are better than one? Well, we have here at Fresh Relevance, and so has our partner, Adestra. Our partnership allows our two platforms to complement one another, delivering personalized experiences to our clients’ customers across all channels.

Plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist, Wolseley, is one Fresh Relevance client that has reaped the benefits of our relationship with Adestra. Looking to create a better integrated, more personalized experience for its customers across multiple touchpoints, the retailer segmented their database by customer personas and used Adestra’s email platform to build mobile-responsive templates. The templates allow Wolseley to create consistency across brands, but be flexible enough to meet broad-ranging content requirements.

Wolseley has also employed Fresh Relevance's personalization tools, including Product Recommendations, Popover SmartBlocks, Segment Builder, and Cart Abandonment Emails, to deliver relevant content across their websites and email communications. 

Automated product recommendations have achieved an average open rate increase from 28% to 45%.

Wolseley's Digital Communications Manager, Steph Beard explains:

“With Fresh Relevance, we present our customers with all the products we know will be of interest to them at the right time, based on what they have browsed or ordered in the past.”



Sending Cart Abandonment Emails has helped Wolseley to achieve a massive uplift in open, click-through, and conversion rates and a 2.9% overall sales uplift.

Using Segment Builder, Wolseley can now be far more targeted in who they contact, meaning fewer emails are sent but far greater returns achieved, including a 39% open rate and a 4.3% average click-through rate. 

Popover SmartBlocks help streamline the customer journey for large orders that involve specific multiple parts. When the customer is adding products to their order, a popover appears on-screen with advice. This ensures that customers get all the products they need to do the job first time, whilst at the same time reducing pressure on Wolseley’s helpdesk.

Our Adestra Partnership:

Adestra is an award-winning marketing automation and email marketing software provider. It helps clients of all varieties to maximize their campaigns through mobile-optimized messaging, automated customer journeys and customer intelligence, and seamless integrations.


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