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You asked, we listened: Q2 2021 platform enhancements driven by our customers

You asked, we listened: Q2 2021 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Daisy Gray, Customer Success Consultant

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At Fresh Relevance, our clients’ feedback is important to us and plays a vital role in shaping our product roadmap. 

Here’s a roundup of the Q2 2021 platform enhancements that were specifically designed in response to suggestions from our client base.


New feature announcement

New similar product data sources

Challenge: Customers wanted to be able to suggest similar products to multiple selected products rather than just one.

Solution: We’ve created 5 new data sources which allow multiple products to be fed in for selection of similar products.

So what? Easily add similar product recommendations to your abandonment emails, or on the cart page of your website.



New segment rules

Challenge: Customers wanted to have more criteria to create custom segments.

Solution: As part of a wider project, we are adding additional rules each quarter. This quarter we’re targeting location variables, such as country and whether their location is known.

So what? Further refine your targeting criteria for data analysis and campaigns outside of Fresh Relevance.



Low stock signal

Challenge: Desire to trigger emails to customers who have viewed a product which has dropped to low stock levels.

Solution: New Product Change Segment can be created, raising a signal in order to deploy a Trigger program.

So what? If you have the Behavioral Targeting module and up to date stock data in Fresh Relevance, you can take advantage of this additional trigger.



Single sign on

Challenge: Increasing security restrictions requires account authentication and ability to manage multiple accounts at once.

Solution: Ability to configure a Single Sign On using SAML and Azure Active Directory.

So what? Set-up for a slick login process for you and your business.


Ability to keep recommended products consistent in email

Challenge: Some customers like to return to previous emails for previously recommended items. Previously our system would load new products to increase product exposure.

Solution: New option has been added to Recommendation SmartBlocks allowing you to disable open time content.

So what? If you know that your customers are returning to old emails to review products then you may wish to enable this option. Consider running an A/B test to see if this increases your ROI.



New system footer

Challenge: Keeping our customers up to date with news and helpful resources.

Solution: Our website now has a footer, featuring initiatives and tools which can accelerate your marketing.

So what? Take a look next time you’re logged into Fresh Relevance – perhaps you’ll find a Fresh Focus session to enhance your current campaigns.



What’s next?

Optimize Center

Our new Optimize Center is a single, easy to use page where you can create and monitor tests for individual pieces of personalized web or email content, email triggers, as well as full cross-channel experiences. 

In the optimize center, the new testing functionality includes AI-driven multi-armed bandit and contextual multi-armed bandit tests, allowing you to set up scenarios with many different pieces of content and the AI will quickly work out which piece is best to show, based on the data it has.

New SmartBlock creation

Our new SmartBlock creation functionality allows you to create content more easily by selecting pre-configured tactics. This comes with new, modernized templates with over 120 customization options to align with your branding.


You asked, we listened: Q2 2021 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Daisy Gray

Customer Success Consultant

As Customer Success Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Daisy ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform.