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You asked, we listened: Q1 platform enhancements driven by our customers

You asked, we listened: Q1 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Olga Temnik, Customer Success Consultant

you asked we listnened

Feedback is important to us and plays a vital role in shaping our product roadmap.

Here’s a roundup of the Q1 platform enhancements that were specifically designed in response to suggestions from our client base.

New Monthly Trigger & Slot Rule

Challenge: One online pharmacy wanted to show different content based on the season and current weather. They were looking for a way to pick months to show content, regardless of the day and year and without any repetitive, manual work required.

Solution: We added a new Monthly Trigger and Slot Rule to allow you to change content when the season changes. You can configure rules based on a day of the month, which can work on a yearly cycle.

‘Collapse all’ & ‘Expand all’ drop-down in Trigger & Slot Rules

Challenge: One jewellery maker online store flagged that for complex configurations of a slot and trigger with many combinations of rules, all of the branches of the active tree were open by default. This could make the configuration page quite long and hard to navigate.

Solution: We added a new drop down which gives you the ability to collapse or expand all rules in Trigger and Slot Rules.


‘Live’ SmartBlock filter to SmartBlock & Slots management page

Challenge: Cottages.com flagged that it was difficult to easily distinguish between live and disabled SmartBlocks in the dashboard view. You needed to hover over a SmartBlock to view the live indicator.

Solution: We added a ‘Live’ filter to SmartBlock and Slots management pages that allows you to filter SmartBlocks or slots that have been active within the past week.

Trigger email send stats as regular email

Challenge: Both Sunwing and Scotch Malt Whisky Society asked if clients could receive an automatic email when no triggered emails are sent. Previously, you had to log into the platform to see this information.

Solution: On the user settings page, you can now set whether you want to be sent a weekly email send stats report, and if so, whether on a daily or weekly basis.

Timezone support for countdown Smartblocks

Challenge: RedTag raised that the number of different time zone options can be confusing when setting a timer.

Solution: Countdown SmartBlocks now support timezones to make their conversion simpler. The start and end times can be specified in your local timezone.

Support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud account-specific WSDLs

Challenge: MyOptique were looking to move to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). They were unable to set up their account as SFMC was moving away from using defined SOAP endpoints and none of the WSDLs worked.

Solution: We added support for SFMC account-specific WSDLs. New SFMC clients are now being issued with account-specific endpoints to access the API for their account. These are supported alongside the existing set of fixed endpoints for existing clients.

Clone layout when creating SmartBlock from template

Challenge: Molton Brown asked for some additional options when cloning a SmartBlock. Previously, when cloning a SmartBlock, the template was automatically cloned as well. This could result in numerous "copy of X" templates.

Solution: We added a "Clone layout" button to the SmartBlock editing pages. When creating a SmartBlock from a template, the layout is now cloned. The new SmartBlock no longer uses a template layout which may be changed by Fresh Relevance system updates. When cloning a SmartBlock, the layout is not cloned. So the two SmartBlocks share a single layout.

You asked, we listened: Q1 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Olga Temnik

Customer Success Consultant

As Customer Success Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Olga ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform, and helps them overcome any technical difficulties.