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You asked, we listened: Q2 platform enhancements driven by our customers

You asked, we listened: Q2 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Olga Temnik, Customer Success Consultant

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Feedback is important to us and plays a vital role in shaping our product roadmap.

Here’s a roundup of the Q2 platform enhancements that were specifically designed in response to suggestions from our client base.

New Average Product Price filter for Recommendation SmartBlocks

Challenge: Some clients, such as Space NK have large price ranges across certain product types, meaning customers were sometimes shown products that were wildly outside of their normal price points.

Solution: We've added a new Average Product Price filter for product recommendation SmartBlocks, giving you the ability to filter products based on the average price of products a customer has browsed, carted or purchased. This means you'll be able to target products more precisely.


New Product rule category in Slot Rules & expanded functionality

Challenge: Cooksongold flagged that the process of removing product offer banners when stock had run out was manual and left room for error. 

Solution: We've created a new Product rule category in Slot Rules that references a product's stock level, allowing you automatically stop showing content when stock levels fall below a certain threshold, for example.



'Best Tag Value' filter now supports filtering for SKU-level variants

Challenge: One client wanted to recommend other products in the same size as the 'best' size that the individual customer has purchased.

Solution: We've added variant support to the Best Tag Value filter on recommendation SmartBlocks for accounts that use variants, meaning better support of recommendations based on favorite size and color.


Added AOV for control group vs. non-control group to 'Top Slots' tab in Comparison Report

Challenge: In the Comparison Report for Slots, MyOptique wanted to view the increase in AOV for a Slot for users in the control group vs not in the control group.

Solution: We've added an AOV Uplift vs Control column to the Comparison Report, enabling better assessment of marketing performance of individual content.


New First Page Visited Rule under Current Session

Challenge: LSE Retail Group and other clients highlighted that showing and hiding content on any page in a website session depending on the channel the visitor first arrived on (first url) wasn't possible.

Solution: We've created a new First Page Visited rule within the Current Session. This allows you to create rules and personalize the customer experience based on the url that the visitor entered the website on.



New Step Name column in Trigger Reports

Challenge: Multiple clients wanted clarification around the output in the Trigger Step column on the Messages Sent report.

Solution: To improve usability, we've added a column called Step Name to Trigger Reports to clarify the action that has been taken as part of the step.


Unidentified people included in segments

Challenge: Hafele, a new client who uses customer ID to login to their site, were interested in segment analysis but in this case their segment sizes would have been too small due to many users being unidentified.

Solution: An option has been added to Segment Builder to allow segments of unidentified people to be created. This enables you to create segments of people where a customer ID is available and has been captured from the website, but no email address is associated with that person. You'll also be able to create segments of unidentified people and view the analytics for that segment, and use those segments to target specific web personalization tactics.

You asked, we listened: Q2 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Olga Temnik

Customer Success Consultant

As Customer Success Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Olga ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform, and helps them overcome any technical difficulties.