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You asked, we listened: Q3 platform enhancements driven by our customers

You asked, we listened: Q3 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Tom Young, Customer Success Consultant

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Feedback is important to us and plays a vital role in shaping our product roadmap.

Here’s a roundup of the Q3 platform enhancements that were specifically designed in response to suggestions from our client base.

Added ability to switch entire Recommendation SmartBlock to display variant products

Challenge: Although it's always been possible to apply a Recommendation SmartBlock filter to variant SKU-level products, clients weren't able to display a Recommendations block of only variant products without support setup, leading to less use and increased setup time.

Solution: We've added an option to show SKU-level product variants in product recommendation SmartBlocks without the need to modify the cart HTML. Please note, this is only available on accounts with SKU-level support activated.

Enhanced support for the person CID field for use with customer ID login

Challenge: Some clients use customer ID to login instead of email addresses, which was vastly reducing identification rate.

Solution: We've added support for customer ID, so clients can match users based on the CID field and improve identification rate.

New 'Name contains' filter in Recommendation SmartBlock

Challenge: One client wanted the ability to filter on products where the name contains a certain string, such as 'knitted'.

Solution: We've added the ability to filter products based on a string match on the product name. The new 'Name contains' filter matches products that contain the string, while 'Name does not contain' matches products that do not contain the string. 'Text match' is an advanced matching mode that allows you to include and exclude keywords.

Added icon to Shopper Details Report to show when permission is captured

Challenge: Previously, there was no easy way to see where email permission had been captured or updated within the Shopper Details Report without going through each event. This meant clients could not easily identify when permission had been picked up or updated, making it hard to prove where the permission check had come from.

Solution: We've added an icon to the audit logs to show when permission has been captured. Now clients can easily see where the permission value has been captured without having to search through the entire person record, which is helpful for GDPR requests.

Removed value in the Control Group columns for excluded Slots in the Comparison Report

Challenge: One client suggested that no value should be shown in the Control Group columns of the Comparison Report for slots with the 'Show to everyone' option enabled that excludes them from the Control Group functionality.

Solution: We've adjusted the Comparison Report so that if a client is using control groups but has selected 'Show to everyone' on a Slot, it now doesn't display any data in the control group columns.

Added relative price comparison options

Challenge: One client wanted the ability to recommend products that are of similar value to the products a customer has browsed.

Solution: We've added a new 'Similar price' product recommendations rule to filter products relative to the price of the product on the current page, or the average price of browsed products in session. This allows clients to easily show products within a similar price range to the one they are viewing or have viewed, or to up sell by showing marginally more expensive products.

You asked, we listened: Q3 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Tom Young

Customer Success Consultant

As Customer Success Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Tom ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform.