Perfectly Crafted Interactions

Deliver impactful, channel-appropriate content based on customer behavior and interactions.

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Email Marketing

Maximize the return on email by serving relevant information, offers, and promotions based on real-time data and interactions. Utilize trigger-based campaigns, recovery emails, product recommendations, coupons and countdown timers to move consumers through the funnel to purchase. Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with any email service provider (ESP).

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Key Features

  • Automatically generate emails based on customer behavior

  • Exclude or promote products based on performance

  • Utilize popover forms to capture email addresses

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Web Personalization

Customize the web experience for site visitors by dynamically changing the messaging and content shown based on their interests and actions. Use banners, coupons, countdown timers, product recommendations, and more to personalize your site.  Also, link  your web personalization to your email campaigns to provide a consistent cross-channel experience for the visitor.

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Key Features

  • Personalize all aspects of the web experience without having to drain IT resources

  • Integrate easily with any ecommerce system to get real-time purchase information

  • Identify site visitors quickly for re-marketing programs

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Mobile Marketing

Build an awesome user experience for your mobile website and app, by individualizing it. Drive personalized content into your app the same way as your website, based on behavioral and transactional data. Create a seamless experience across devices to increase engagement and drive conversions.

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Key Features

  • Personalize offers based on customer location, the weather, products they’re browsing, etc. in real-time

  • Integrate with push notification companies to alert customers with relevant in-app updates

  • Engage customers on-the-go and guide their purchase journey

  • Provide consistent and contextually relevant brand experiences across devices

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Social Marketing

Turn window shoppers into buyers with social proof such as reviews, recommendations, and recently viewed items. Provide visitors with more information and confidence upon which to base their purchasing decision through relevant reviews and recommendations. Create a sense of urgency by using a social proof widget to highlight others’ purchases. Be contextually relevant by showing Facebook users relevant reviews from other Facebook users; for example showing a new customer a service review, but an existing customer a service history or rating. Utilize user generated content in a smart, powerful way.

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Key Features

  • Use social proof to validate purchase decisions

  • Integrate Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook into emails for an individualized experience

  • Add product reviews to cart and browse abandon emails to help recover sales

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