Omnichannel personalization, powered by one platform.

Deliver targeted campaigns seamlessly across email, website, mobile & social.

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  • Maximize the return on email by starting a digital dialogue with each customer. Include dynamic content such as banners, promotions and product recommendations that are based on the shopper’s behavior and relevant at the moment of open.
  • Send triggered browse, cart and form abandonment messages to move consumers through the funnel to purchase.
  • Use advanced behavioral triggers, such as price drop and back in stock alerts, to promote products to those customers who are most likely to buy.
  • Capture email addresses and grow your subscriber base with targeted banners and pop-ups.
  • All without the need for an integration project as Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with your email service provider (ESP).
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Imagine each shopper could have their own version of your website, tailored to their specific interests and actions. That’s exactly what Fresh Relevance does. Every time a shopper visits your online store, they’ll be presented with personalized content, product recommendations, pop-ups, website navigation and even pricing based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data.

  • Improve the bounce rate and conversions with product ratings, countdown timers and social proof widgets.
  • Take control of all aspects of the web experience without having to drain IT resources.
  • Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with your existing ecommerce platform and is quick and easy to set up with a single line of Javascript.
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Mobile & app

  • Provide a consistent and contextually relevant brand experiences across devices by personalizing your mobile website and app.
  • Engage customers on-the-go and guide their purchase journey the same way as on your website with targeted content and offers.
  • Integrate with push notification companies to alert customers with relevant in-app updates.
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Social media

Shoppers often take inspiration from social media when considering a purchase.

  • Integrate real-time feeds with user-generated content from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter into emails and on your website to show how real people are interacting with your products.
  • Maximize your social ad spend by retargeting shoppers with ads that are tailored to their behavior and purchases. For example, use our Segment Builder to create a segment of customers who were searching for black brogues, import the contacts into Facebook and re-engage the same group of shoppers with targeted ads on the social network.
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