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Omnichannel personalization, powered by one platform.

Deliver targeted campaigns seamlessly across channels.

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Cross-channel personalization

  • Provide seamless and relevant interactions that result in stronger engagement and increased sales through cross-channel personalization.
  • Customize and coordinate the experience that is presented to each shopper within emails, SMS, onsite, app and ads.
  • Build bespoke omnichannel customer experiences based on personification or identity, behavioral, demographic and geographic criteria, as well as seasons and events.
  • Use AI to determine exactly the type of experience each customer will have when interacting with you across channels.
  • Prepare, review, test and schedule cross-channel campaigns in one intuitive user interface.

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  • Reduce bounce rate by presenting each shopper with a personalized website experience that is tailored to their specific interest and actions. Use personalized banners, product recommendations, pop-ups, website navigation and CTAs based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data.
  • Engage new website visitors and improve click-throughs using powerful AI. It predicts the price level that will appeal to each website visitor and automatically displays the most relevant products based on price.
  • Take control of all aspects of the web experience using our WYSIWYG Site Editor.
  • Serve personalization either server-side or client-side to balance maximum agility with SEO.
  • Seamlessly integrate Fresh Relevance with your existing ecommerce platform and set it up quickly and easily with a single line of Javascript.

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  • Shift your email marketing into the next gear with dynamic content, such as banners, promotions and product recommendations, that are based on the shopper’s behavior and relevant at the moment of open.
  • Send triggered browse, cart and form abandonment messages to move consumers through the funnel to purchase.
  • Use advanced behavioral triggers, such as price drop and back in stock alerts, to promote products to those customers who are most likely to buy.
  • Build advanced email workflows using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI.
  • Benefit from Fresh Relevance’s pre-built integrations with all major email service providers (ESPs) that make getting started as simple as logging into your ESP account.

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  • Personalize across a broader set of customer touchpoints and connect directly with your audience through well-timed SMS.
  • Increase campaign effectiveness by combining email and SMS messages.
  • Tailor SMS messages to the shopper’s individual behavior and transactional history.
  • Build advanced SMS workflows using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI.
  • Send SMS through Fresh Relevance or your existing SMS provider.

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  • Provide a consistent user experience across devices by personalizing your native iOS and Android apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).
  • Use cross-channel data and sophisticated targeting rules for effective app personalization.
  • Join up your mobile app data with your CRM, web, email and in-store channels for consistent cross-channel personalization.
  • Convert more customers by integrating personalized product recommendations, dynamic content, triggered emails and more.
  • Optimize your app without the need to make server-side code changes or to submit a new app version to the app stores.

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  • Boost conversions by ensuring that the targeted offers a shopper clicks on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are reflected on your website.
  • Welcome new visitors landing on your website with a pop-up that’s tailored to their referring traffic source, e.g. Google Ads.
  • Advertise on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, to retarget people who have visited your website and app.
  • Maximize your social ad spend by targeting shoppers with ads that are tailored to their behavior and purchases.
  • Reach more in-profile shoppers on social media by targeting a lookalike audience that is similar to the people who’ve engaged with your website and app.

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