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7 eCommerce marketing trends that will shape 2021

7 eCommerce marketing trends that will shape 2021

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Now that 2020 is (finally) over, it’s time to look ahead and make sure your eCommerce site is ready for the new world of online shopping in 2021.

To help you prepare, join us on Thursday, 21st January at 2pm where we’ll be discussing the top 7 eCommerce marketing trends to watch out for in the new year. PLUS, to make sure that not just our strategy but also our mind and body get back in shape, we’ll wrap up the session with a 15-minute desk yoga class with one of London’s top instructors.

Register here to join Lauren Dougherty, E-Commerce CRM Manager at Animed Direct and Roheena Chogley, Account Director at Fresh Relevance for this interactive live webinar to:

  • Learn which tactics and strategies will affect eCommerce marketing in 2021
  • Find out which technology businesses are predicted to spend $7.3 billion on by 2022 in a push to provide better customer experiences
  • Rethink what to do with your traditional customer acquisition budgets
  • Gain new ideas to integrate into your CRO strategy and hit your targets


Register now to get your strategy, mind and body back in shape for 2021

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