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Now into its third edition, BTF is an annual celebration designed to bring together events, people and communities to share, learn and explore technology developments in the southwest region. Events will encompass a range of sectors from green and sustainable technology to legal and finance.

This year’s schedule includes a number of highly anticipated events, of which there are more than 50 spread across five packed days.

The theme which wraps around many of the events through the week is ‘changing the face of tech’, with the emphasis on taking tangible action beyond simply talking about a lack of diversity and inclusion. As well as demonstrating the best of what the area’s tech space has to offer, BTF 2021 aims to bring together like-minded organisations ready to inspire wide-reaching change.

Join our panel discussion with PushON, Klarna, Huboo and Brightpearl on Wednesday 13th October. We'll be at the DeskLodge Old Market from 3:00pm - 4:30pm. 

Topic: eCommerce Success In The New Normal

PushON are proud Community partners of the Bristol Technology Festival and are delighted to be running this free event discussing the new normal of commerce.

During Covid-19, bricks and mortar stores were left with two options: move business online or lose customers. As lockdowns across the world begin to lift and life resumes, eCommerce and retail businesses should look to innovate their business models to maintain any advantage they may have gained during the pandemic. eCommerce is expected to have its first trillion-dollar year of sales in 2022. Are you ready to have a slice of the proverbial pie?

In this panel discussion you’ll hear from industry experts on:

• Staying on top of the latest payment trends and making payment seamless
• Embracing ‘social shopping’ and curating the shopping experience
• Turning fulfilment into a competitive advantage
• Finding ways to weave sustainable practices into your operation
• Looking at how to make your supply chain agile enough to support rapid growth
• Prioritising your existing customers and converting them into brand ambassadors

It’s such an interesting time for Commerce. With Black Friday and dare we say it, Christmas, fast approaching, businesses are looking to these busy times, evaluating how they handled the increase strain on them during the pandemic. Use our event to learn which areas may be points of weakness for you and go away with a plan in place to ensure new opportunities are taken in what is sure to be a record breaking few months.

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