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eCommerce’s “new normal”: Putting together an integrated plan for brand success

We've noticed some big changes in customer review trends since the COVID-19 outbreak and we've gathered them to share this data with you. The e-commerce landscape is changing as a result of the virus, and it's important that businesses understand this new landscape to be able to tailor their operations and strategies around the changes. We'll be joined by BigCommerce and Trustpilot, who will also be sharing stats and observations they've noticed in the past few months. 

On this webinar we'll start with current shopper data and trends before diving into some specific tools and strategies that will help you adjust to the recent changes and set up your business for success. 

On this webinar you will discover:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted consumer sentiment towards brands
  • Building trust to win and retain customers
  • Putting together an integrated ecommerce strategy: optimising your tech stack to best serve your customers across their entire journey
  • Crafting a brand identity that stands out in an increasingly competitive  landscape                   
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