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How to personalize with gamification

  • 1:00pm on 20 May 2021

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About the webinar

Data collection on the internet is changing, ‘Dropping a cookie’ doesn’t cut it any longer and has only become pushy and invasive. Customers want more control, which includes transparency, choice and control over how their data is used. With game mechanics, you can gather permissions and enrich customer data in a more transparent way. A tool like Fresh Relevance can enable marketers to analyse gathered customer data to create stronger customer profiles resulting in a maximised customer experience.

Join this webinar with Fresh Relevance and LeadFamly on Thursday 20th May for a short and snappy session on how to personalize using gamification. 

You'll discover:

✓ How gamification can be applied to generate deeper customer insights
✓ How to turn these insights into intelligence by enriching the customer profile
✓ How you can create a better personalized customer experience to drive loyalty and engagement to drive revenue


How to personalize with gamification  Headshot
Vicky Beech

Partnerships Manager
Fresh Relevance

How to personalize with gamification  Headshot
Richard Robinson

General Manager



Introduction and welcome


How to personalize with gamification

Vicky Beech & Richard Robinson




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