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About the event

With 130+ sessions covering a variety of topics and trends and 600+ top solution and technology vendors ready to help your business succeed, IRCE is your one-stop-shop for all of our e-retail needs. 

Join Fresh Relevance at IRCE in June at a conference and trade show that offers you everything your business needs to stay ahead of your competition in one simple location. 

Register for IRCE now at: https://www.irce.com/

Book a consultation with us to create your individual Personalization Strategy Framework. Tailored to your brand's customer lifecycle and online customer journey and designed in a clear, usable way, it will help you:

  • Better understand how to engage the individual customer at the right time with contextually relevant content.
  • Learn how to tailor personalization to target new, existing and lapsed customers, elevating the customer experience and optimizing revenue. 
  • Identify the technical and resource constraints that might prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Uncover what works best for your brand, identify first steps and quick wins. 
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