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Internet Retailing and Fresh Relevance Webinar

The Retail Social Proof Barometer: How top retailers match up to consumer expectations

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About the webinar

People buy from people. While this core sales principle has been driving revenue in physical retail for decades, many ecommerce businesses are unsure how best to help customers conveniently discover the right products online.

Social proof offers a cost-effective and scalable way to recreate the person-to-person experience by showing shoppers which products are resonating with their peers. Popular tactics include crowdsourced product recommendations, product popularity and scarcity messaging, ratings and reviews, UGC and influencer marketing.

But with the broad range of possible social proof tactics available, finding the right mix for your brand can be tricky.

We embarked on extensive research, matching the web and email initiatives of 50 IRUK Top 500 retailers with the opinions of 2000 British consumers to find out what consumers expect, and which tactics help lead to a purchase. Along the way, we’ve discovered which brands are excelling in social proof, and who is just scratching the surface.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • The three key pillars of social proof – wisdom of the crowd, peer and celebrity social proof
  • The tactics that shoppers expect when making a purchase decision
  • The brands that harness social proof well and the ones who are just scratching the surface
  • How to determine the right mix for your brand
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