PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance control groups provide automated testing and optimization for all personalization tactics

Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalization platform, today announced the launch of control group testing. The new testing function provides marketers with detailed insight into the sales uplift derived from any feature within the platform being used to engage with customers and drive revenues.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, explains the importance of control groups to measure success and optimize:

“Using control groups, marketers can now accurately and easily track the sales uplif from any digital marketing tactic used, such as a specific email trigger, or a piece of dynamic content. This not only helps them to attribute sales and provide a clearer view of the return-on-investment the platform is delivering. It also delivers the insight they need to determine which content and features work best for their customers and how they can be optimized. The marketer can see which content is working best, without running specific tests or without setting up different versions of content. This is a really big win for time-pressed marketers.”

With control groups, the marketer can select a percentage of customers to be excluded from a specific type of marketing from Fresh Relevance’s extensive platform, which includes tactics such as product recommendations, dynamic content, social proof and browse and cart abandonment emails. Comparison reports are then generated that benchmark the behavior of this control group against customers that receive the marketing content, highlighting key performance indicators such as individual uplift, purchase value, purchase quantity, average order value and revenue per mille.

Control group testing is available now for all Fresh Relevance customers.

04/30/2019 Press Releases