PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance enables marketers to engage with shoppers through localized marketing with new geotargeting module

BOSTON, US AND LONDON, UK JANUARY 22, 2020 – Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalization and optimization platform, today announced the launch of its new geotargeting module. Marketers are now able to combine behavioral marketing with location-based targeting online and within emails, to dynamically present shoppers with nearest store information, product recommendations and promotional offers, based on their current or preferred location and product interests.   

The geotargeting module helps to ensure that recommended products, events or jobs will not only meet the customer’s interests based on past browses and purchases, but are also in close proximity of the customer. Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, says: “If you are not able to engage and interact with customers based on their location, you are missing a massive revenue opportunity.” 

The new module within the Fresh Relevance platform also enables retailers to adapt to how their customers interact and shop with them online and in-store. “The line between bricks and clicks is a blurred one. Some customers prefer to browse online before making an in-store purchase, whilst for others the reverse is true,” explains Henderson. 

Using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the Fresh Relevance platform, marketers can now use more than 30 marketing rules to create, manage and refine their geotargeting from a street through to country-wide level:

  • Target customers differently depending on their location and preferences.
  • Customize dynamic web, mobile and email content and recommendations based on a customer’s nearest store, current or preferred location and behavior and interests.
  • Present customers with details of their nearest store, including address, telephone number and opening hours.
  • Accurately define geofences using a range of templates or custom-drawn map areas and use them to target personalization.
  • Recommend products, events or jobs that are nearby.

A good example of geotargeting in practice is a retailer needing to drive foot traffic to an in-store women’s fashion experience at their London Oxford Street outlet. All a marketer needs to do is quickly set a rule that a dedicated website and email banner is shown only to shoppers who have browsed women’s clothing and are in the influence of the store’s location. 


The new module complements the popular location-based features that are well established within the Fresh Relevance platform, such as the ability to share product recommendations with shoppers based on the weather where they are or to help travellers prepare for their destination.

The geotargeting module is available now to users of the Fresh Relevance platform.