PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance Releases Enhanced Marketing Rules for Web and Email

Easily combine behavioral, transactional and contextual data to personalize website and email content for every shopper

Fresh Relevance today announced that it has added enhanced marketing rules to its personalization platform, enabling online retailers to present the most relevant content to increase conversions across websites and marketing emails. Using the 30 rules combined with dynamic content SmartBlocks, marketers can blend behavioral, transactional and contextual data, and guide customers along their journey by presenting dynamic content based on each shopper’s lifecycle stage, purchase stage, behavior, location, weather forecast, or date and time ranges.

Fresh Relevance’s growing range of SmartBlocks include personalized banners, product  recommendations, weather forecasts, coupons, countdown timers, data capture devices (sign-up forms for new visitors etc) and social feeds. When they are used in conjunction with marketing rules it becomes fast and easy to:

  • Treat new visitors differently to repeat shoppers and loyal customers.
  • Present recommendations based on the types of products customers have been interacting with.
  • Target content to shoppers across multiple countries and multiple sites.
  • Use the location or weather to determine what products and service are most relevant.

David Henderson, Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, states:

“These enhanced marketing rules have been developed in close collaboration with many of the 350 brands currently using our platform. They give marketers more control than ever before over what, when and how content is presented to customers online and via email.” He adds: “What makes it even more compelling is the ability to blend rules to build sophisticated rule trees and become very granular in your targeting. For example, you can present recommendations based on a product which a customer of the German version of your website has purchased, only when it is cold and the customer is in a certain geographic area.”


Crucially, marketing rules can be created and subsequently changed on-the-fly (even during a campaign), using a simple drag-and-drop-interface, taking immediate effect.  



New marketing rules and SmartBlocks are available in the Fresh Relevance personalization platform now. For more information visit:

11/08/2018 Press Releases