PRESS: Customer Loyalty in 2018: Why Your Traditional Tactics Need a Fresh Take [TotalRetail]


Today’s shopper is overwhelmed with choice, making it increasingly challenging for retailers to instill loyalty into their customers. With one-click immediacy making it possible to transport a product from your online shopping cart to your front door in one hour, shoppers have high expectations for the retailers they choose to frequent. The tiniest inconvenience can sour a shopper’s overall perception of a brand, challenging marketers to not just meet, but exceed all customer expectations during their path to purchase.

We broke down the top four pillars along the shopping journey that create repeat customers, including convenience, experience stores, services, and marketing communications, in our 2018 Loyalty Forecast. Each puzzle piece provides critical insights into what shoppers want most from retailers — from the types of marketing emails they prefer to their favorite shipping services — in exchange for their loyalty.


09/18/2018 Media Coverage