PRESS: Dynamic images in email: dos and don’ts [Econsultancy]

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. For marketers vying for the attention of time-poor, spoilt-for-choice consumers, this is sage advice.

With a third of shoppers receiving over 120 emails per week, competition in the inbox is particularly fierce. Whilst generic, wordy emails may be ignored, using dynamic images can be exceptionally powerful in bringing brands and products to life, capturing the attention of consumers, and encouraging them to engage further.

Images are valuable in driving a deeper emotional connection between the consumer and brand, but it has to be the right image. Just as irrelevant messages or offers won’t entice the shopper to take action, the same applies to email visuals. Generic images are the easiest solution, but in a world where customers want to be treated as an individual, they are unlikely to drive click throughs or revenue growth.


03/29/2019 Media Coverage