PRESS: How Social Proof Helps Retailers on Black Friday


It’s that time of year again. As Cyber Week is upon us, retailers up and down the country are anticipating crowds of shoppers on the hunt for bargains.

Let’s look at a typical online customer journey this week. Savvy shoppers might have done some pre-planning on the items they’re after. Others will be scanning emails and browsing online for the best deals, potentially feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of deals to consider. All the while knowing that thousands of fellow customers are doing the same thing and might be snagging the best bargains from right under their noses.

Receiving some guidance from online retailers on which items best fit their requirements can help shoppers make the right purchase decision. By efficiently directing customers through their purchase journey, brands can increase conversion rates and help free up site traffic, preventing the cardinal sin of a site crash during the shopping event.

Applying social proof tactics in marketing can be very beneficial, offering a little method to the madness of the ‘Black Fiveday’ long weekend while helping guide and convert browsers into customers. Here’s how.