PRESS RELEASE: 500 Ecommerce Websites Worldwide Use Fresh Relevance to Deliver Sale Uplift from Personalization

UK’s number one cart recovery provider and leading personalization vendor reaches landmark in just five years

Fresh Relevance today announced that more than 500 ecommerce websites are using its real-time personalization platform for email, mobile and web, including some of the largest and most recognizable brands around the world. As a result of the company’s rapid customer growth, it has doubled headcount at new expanded offices in Southampton and London (UK) as well as Boston (MA), whilst increasing its footprint across mainland Europe.

Fresh Relevance’s extensive customer list includes brands such as Rip Curl, Harvey Nichols, Arlo & Jacob, MyOptique Group, Wex Photo Video, Mothercare, TimeOut and These retailers rely on Fresh Relavance’s platform to help them uncover and execute the personalization tactics that truly resonate with each individual throughout the customer lifecycle to boost revenue and loyalty.

In the past 12 months, the company has seen major growth throughout the US and across Europe, including Italy where it has a successful partnership with Contactlab and the recent launch in The Netherlands. In the UK, where Fresh Relevance launched in 2013, the company is today ranked as the number one cart recovery provider and also one of the leading personalization vendors. “In a highly competitive global market, we are growing because we continuously innovate new technologies that enable marketers to understand the unique shopper and provide a brand experience that stands out,” explains CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin.

Looking to the immediate future, Fresh Relevance identifies AI as the most important trend. “AI and Machine Learning are some of the most exciting areas for the automation of online retail,” adds Austin. “Brands must interact with their customers in a much more engaging way, but doing so requires having access to rich sources of relevant data and being able to apply it intelligently and timely. When you are talking about large, often global customer bases, this can only be made possible through the automation of personalization.”

One such innovation launched in the summer was the Fresh Relevance Advanced Customer Tagging (ACT) feature. ACT automatically tags products in an online product portfolio, so when a shopper browses, carts or purchases products, the tags from those items (color, style, brand etc.) are then linked with that shopper. As a result, retailers can deliver highly personalized targeting of products to their customers (both on the web and in marketing emails) based on their purchasing and browsing behavior. What’s more, because the data tracking is live, if the shopper displays a change in preference, such as switching from always buying black shoes to brown, the dynamic content will automatically update.

Fresh Relevance will be exhibiting its personalization platform at the eCommerce Expo in London from September 26 - 27, 2018 at stand E331. To schedule a meeting or demo, contact: or Tel: +44 2031 67 67 67. For more information visit:

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