PRESS RELEASE: Connect with Existing and Lookalike Customers on Facebook

SOUTHAMPTON, UK Fresh Relevance, the real-time marketing hub for online retailers, today announces that it is enabling marketers to improve sales conversions and lead generation via Facebook adverts.

Segment Builder uses Facebook Custom Audience to target existing customers, and Facebook Lookalike Audiences to produce qualified leads, by contacting additional people who look just like your existing best customers.

This new Segment Builder functionality within the Fresh Relevance marketing hub, makes it quick and simple for marketers to leverage real-time data to create segments for highly-targeted email and social media marketing. Segments can be compiled using more than 50 criteria such as customers who browsed the website but did not buy, those who purchased a specific brand, a certain type of product, spend above a threshold value, and so on.

Using this insight, targeted adverts can be designed and published directly on to their Facebook pages, so you use both email and Facebook channels together to keep in contact with your customers – especially important for younger shoppers who use email less.

A major value add of this new feature is the ability to use the insight from Segment Builder to generate qualified leads, by providing Facebook with data to accurately identify and serve adverts to people with the right profile to become your customers.

Chief Innovation Officer at Fresh Relevance, Pete Austin, comments: “We are providing marketers with the ability to better engage with the people they already know - and connect with the people they would like to know. Using Segment Builder and Facebook in this way delivers extremely cost effective, co-ordinated and impactful lead generation and sales conversions.”

Adding Facebook outreach to a campaign is particularly powerful when running an online sale, or time-limited offer. Austin adds: “You can save money by advertising a promotion to those of your existing customers who have not already visited your website and seen it, instead of to all your customer list.”

Segment Builder is available from Fresh Relevance now. Read More.

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07/28/2016 Press Releases