PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance and Contactlab Connect the Dots Between In-Store and Online Shopping Behavior

Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalization platform for email, mobile, and web, today announced its partnership with Contactlab, the leading engagement marketing platform for commerce-focused companies and fashion & luxury brands.

The partnership provides retail brands with true omnichannel marketing by allowing them to fully integrate insights from online and in-store customer behavior.

Retailers now not only benefit from the rich insights regarding the online behaviour of a customer whilst on the website (including what pages they looked at, the products they placed in the cart and the items purchased) and while engaging with marketing emails, but also when and how often they visited a store and the purchases they made while there. This is made possible by the close integration of the Fresh Relevance real-time personalization platform and Contactlab’s engagement marketing cloud platform.

Eddy Swindell, co-founder and CRO at Fresh Relevance, states: “The ability to accurately join the dots of the customer journey as they move between offline and online has been the missing piece in the retail puzzle. Retailers using Fresh Relevance fully integrated with Contactlab can harness this valuable insight in real-time, to improve how they engage with every customer across all touch points.”

How Fresh Relevance and Contactlab deliver true omnichannel marketing:

  • Personalize the web and email experience using both online and offline transactional data.
  • Engage with in-store shoppers by sending them well-timed personalized emails that include the products they were interested in as well as relevant product recommendations.
  • Drive customers in-store or online with personalized incentives and promotions based on the shopper’s behavior

Swindell adds: “True omnichannel marketing in this way not only improves overall sales. It enables you to better understand the journey your customers take, and in doing so engage them with personalized 1-2-1 communications and improve their experience of shopping with your brand.”


Stefano Lena, Chief Strategy Officer and VP Business Development at Contactlab comments: “This partnership is the coming together of two powerful real-time platforms that enable every retailer to have a clear and up-to-date view of how people are interacting and transacting with their brand online and in-store. The breadth of data capabilities makes it one of the most compelling propositions available on the market today.” 

Fresh Relevance is sponsoring Contactlab's Conference, which takes place in Milan, Italy, on June 19, where the company will exhibit its real-time personalization platform and Eddy Swindell will present "Personalization in an omnichannel world".

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06/18/2018 Press Releases