PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance Announces Launch of Magento 2 Connector

The Fresh Relevance Connector for Magento 2 is available now from the Magento Marketplace

We support all Magento versions, including Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) and Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition). 

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A Fresh Relevance Subscription is required.


Fresh Relevance Announces Availability of Magento 2 Connector

250,000 Merchants Around the World Now Have Access to the Platform that empowers marketers to quickly customize and automate multi-device personalization programs. 


LONDON, UK & BOSTON, US 27th JUNE 2017 – Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, today announced the availability of its Magento 2 Connector.

The Fresh Relevance connector empowers digital marketers to increase online sales and build long-term customer loyalty through right-time, data-driven web, mobile, email and social media personalization with predictable ROI. It empowers you to quickly customize and automate your personalization and optimization programs through a proven, practical toolset loved by users of all skill levels.

As Magento's General Technology Partner, we are proud to offer its 250,000 worldwide merchants access to an extensive suite of omnichannel personalization and real-time profiling tools, all in a single platform.

With both email content, web content, and real-time profiling tools in one platform, you now have a cost effective solution to drive conversions throughout the entire customer journey. Access the tools you need when you need them.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, states: “With this new connector we are providing Magento marketers with access to the tools you need, when you need them in order to drive and optimize conversions throughout the entire customer journey.”

  • Live open-time email content (Works with any Email Marketing platform)
  • Product recommendations for web and email
  • Content testing and targeting for web and email
  • Advanced behavioral triggers ( including price drop and back in stock alerts)
  • Cart and Browse abandonment emails
  • Integrate your Magento data with any other marketing platform
  • Social Proof web widgets
  • Dynamic data capture overlays
  • Dynamic website content (countdown timers, personalized images, coupons)
  • Real-time profiling and advanced segmentation
  • Quick and easy set-up with a single line of Javascript
  • Integrates with all email service providers
  • ….It’s like having multiple platforms all in one fantastic UI.


6 reasons why Fresh Relevance will work better for you than anything else

  1. Advanced Magento integration recovers more shopping carts than any other system, even for multi-device shoppers.
  2. You will have access to an unrivaled suite of cross-channel personalization tools never before seen in one platform.
  3. You will see real-time reports on revenue generated on every tactic you deploy
  4. It works with any marketing system including your email marketing platform
  5. You can try Fresh Relevance FREE
  6. It will make you look awesome

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