PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance Enables Marketers to Automatically Synchronize Customer Segments with their Email Service Provider

Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalization and optimization platform for email and web, today announced its latest functionality to improve how marketers can personalize omnichannel marketing campaigns based on customer behaviour. By enabling customer segments to be fully synchronized with the Email Service Provider (ESP), organizations using Fresh Relevance can now easily export customer segments created in the platform to their ESP, for use in targeted marketing emails, such as brand-specific newsletters.

Additionally, segments created in the ESP can now be automatically imported into the Fresh Relevance platform to refine website personalization, execute triggered email programs and retarget customers on social media.

The ability to synchronize segments between Fresh Relevance and a marketer’s ESP follows the launch of the Audience Analytics Dashboard, released earlier this month. The new dashboard gives marketers unprecedented access and insight into their marketing database, including browsing and purchasing patterns, average and lifetime order values for each segment. Using the automatic segment synchronisation in combination with the Audience Analytics Dashboard, marketers are able to synchronize and then automatically analyze the behavior of lists that sit within the ESP.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, states:

“Segmentation is a key pillar of real-time personalization. Marketers can boost the efficiency of campaigns by targeting customers differently based on how they’ve interacted with products and content.

Automatic synchronization doesn’t just make it easier to use customer segments for behavioral targeting across channels. By removing the need to manually download customer data, it significantly reduces potential exposure to regulatory issues, which can arise from the handling of Personally Identifiable Information. What’s more, as IT no longer needs to be involved, the process is faster and places more control where it matters - in the hands of the marketer.”

Automatic segment synchronization is currently available for the following ESPs: Cheetah Digital, dotdigital, Emarsys, MailChimp, Pure 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with more scheduled to be announced soon.

The new segment synchronization feature and Audience Analytics Dashboard are available now for all Fresh Relevance customers using its Behavioral Targeting feature.

09/16/2019 Press Releases