PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance joins the Ready for IBM Commerce Program

Brands using IBM Marketing Cloud gain live personalization, triggered emails and real-time data.

SOUTHAMPTON, UK –  Fresh Relevance, the real-time marketing hub, today announced that it has been accepted into the Ready for IBM Commerce program.

This brings benefits including the following to brands using the IBM Marketing Cloud:

  1. Live Web and Email personalization, including product recommendations, countdown timers and coupons.
  2. Triggered emails, such as cart and browse abandonment.
  3. Easy access to real-time data for targeting and personalization:  eCommerce data from their website and email activity.

The Ready for IBM Commerce program is designed to maximize value for IBM customers by working with Independent Software Vendors who are interested in building repeatable, easy-to-consume integrations between their complementary solutions and IBM Commerce solutions.

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin comments: “Our acceptance in to the Ready for IBM Commerce program makes it easy and seamless for the brands using the IBM Marketing Cloud to deploy Fresh Relevance alongside their existing IBM solutions.” Austin adds: “This integration enables these organisations to target and personalise their campaigns and triggered emails using behavioral, transactional and product data.”

Fresh Relevance’s delivers real-time multi-channel personalisation and automated communications for more than 200 brands across the UK, Europe and North America. Its portfolio provides these organisations with all the tools they need to recover lost revenue, maximise the value of sales and enhance the customer experience. Solutions include its market-leading cart and browse abandonment system, real-time content personalisation for email and websites, as well as a range of quick to deploy (online and via email) Smart Blocks that includes social proof, coupons and animated countdown timers.

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Fresh Relevance is also sponsoring IBM Amplify 2016 #ibmamplify

This month, meet Fresh Relevance at IBM’s Amplify 2016 - Engage the Power of Cognitive Commerce – conference, which takes place 14th -16th May in Tampa, Florida. We are presenting the session entitled What eCommerce Marketers Can Achieve with Access to Real-Time Behavioral Data, which will introduce a new model to understand how real-time customer insight can be used to transform the way marketers carry out their digital messaging.

Through customer case studies and live examples, this presentation will show how actionable data can be collected onsite and used to create hyper-targeted and relevant campaigns with IBM Management Console, all available via UBX integration.

Read more on the IBM Commerce Blog.

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Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK, Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing company that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalized website and email content. Fresh Relevance has hundreds of clients, including: Cottages4U, Emma Bridgewater, illy, Moss Bros, Thorntons, White Stuff and 7dayshop.

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