PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance launches trigger selection rules for highly targeted triggered email campaigns

Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalization platform, today places full control of automated email communications in the hands of marketers, with the launch of a new user interface for its trigger selection rules. It allows digital marketers to easily manage the email content each individual, or customer segment, receive in their inbox, without the need for any technical knowledge.

Using trigger selection rules, users of the Fresh Relevance platform can now accurately tailor email content by selecting and combining from an extensive list of over 30 trigger rules, including demographic, behavioral, transactional and contextual data and the interests of the shopper. The rules can be used to refine the sending of highly targeted cart and browse abandonment messages, post purchase emails, pricedrop, back-in-stock and other custom trigger programs such as Wishlist reminders.

For example, the effectiveness of browse abandonment campaigns can be increased by basing the email hero image on the browsed category. Marketers could design one program for purchasers who have recently displayed strong intent and spent a lot of time on the website, and another variant for less engaged shoppers. Another rule could be added so that customers who haven’t ever made a purchase at all don’t receive a browse abandonment email.

David Henderson, Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, states: “The depth of personalization and targeting capabilities that the Fresh Relevance platform offers is unrivalled. Trigger selection rules put marketers in the driving seat, giving them complete creative control over the emails shoppers receive from the organization. Our new drag-and-drop UI and an extensive range of flexible rules empower marketers to target customers at a granular level and generate more revenue from automated emails.”

Trigger selection rules are available now to customers using the Fresh Relevance personalization platform.

05/14/2019 Press Releases