PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Relevance provides retailers and brands with new experience management customization for web and email campaigns

Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalization  and optimization platform, today announced the launch of Experience Management. The new function enables eCommerce, marketing and customer experience teams to fully customize and coordinate the personalization of the experience that is presented online, within emails and on mobile apps. Fresh Relevance Experience Management can be used to build bespoke customer experiences based on personification or identity, behavioral, demographic and geographic criteria, as well as site takeover campaigns, seasonal and event-triggered promotions. 

Available now, Experience Management is the first Fresh Relevance function to take advantage of an innovative new user interface, which places the cross-channel experience across web, email and mobile firmly in the hands of eCommerce, marketing and customer experience teams.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, observes: “In recent months we have all seen the importance of retailers and brands being able to pivot quickly, in order to take advantage of a market opportunity and strengthen their competitive position. Time and cost are the enemy of agility. Our new Experience Management means timely decision-making can be acted upon quickly, and without the need for expensive and protracted web development work.”  

In addition to improving agility, Fresh Relevance Experience Management ensures planned campaigns can be fully prepared, reviewed, tested and scheduled in advance to automatically go live.

Henderson explains: “Using artificial intelligence powered experience rules within a new user interface, it is easy to set the criteria that will determine exactly the type of experience each customer (persona) will have when interacting with you online, via a mobile app or an email. It provides a far more personalized and relevant interaction, that ultimately results in stronger engagement and increased sales. Once the promotion has ended, the website can revert to the prior default, or automatically switch to the next pre-defined campaign. It really does provide limitless control over how customers experience, interact and transact with the brand digitally.” 

Experience Management is available now to users of the Fresh Relevance platform.

10/06/2020 Press Releases