Press Release: Pinterest SmartBlock

Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, today announces support for Pinterest, through its latest social media SmartBlock. The Fresh Relevance Pinterest SmartBlock enables marketers to easily push Pinterest content directly to existing and potential customers, by including it in web pages and emails.

There are two key ways online retail marketers can benefit from the Fresh Relevance Pinterest SmartBlock…

  1. Energise social marketing

  2. Use Pinterest as a control panel for email marketing

How to create a Pinterest SmartBlock:

A Pinterest SmartBlock is easily created by choosing a pinner, board and number of pins. One can be selected from Fresh Relevance’s existing templates, or create a bespoke template using standard HTML and CSS. All that is then required is to copy a short piece of HTML (the Slot) and paste it into a web page or email.

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