Press Release: Price Drop Email Functionality

Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, today announced the launch of its Price Drop Emails functionality that enables you to send emails to shoppers, informing them when the price of products they have browsed have been lowered.

Fresh Relevance not only identifies the shoppers who have browsed price drop products, but also allows details (including images) of these products to be automatically inserted into the email, so that it is relevant for each individual shopper.  Fresh Relevance automatically identifies all shoppers who have browsed products that have fallen in price, with no manual configuration from the marketer. What is more, as the emails are sent via the organisation's own ESP, it gives the marketer full control of the creative element of the message.

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, comments: “Our new Price Drop Emails are ideal for promoting sale items, or clearing excess stock that is being sold at a lower price. They are also ideal for generating more proactive customer engagement.”

Use with Data Capture:

Price Drop Emails are even more powerful when used in conjunction with Data Capture. Data Capture Popovers, or targeted banners, encourage shoppers to sign up for marketing emails. They can be targeted to specific product pages or to specific customer types. This is a great list-building tactic to increase list size and the audience that can be sent future mailings.

Price Drop Emails functionality is included as part of the Fresh Relevance Segment Builder toolset and is available now.

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