Press Release: Product Recommendations

Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, today announced the launch of its real-time Product Recommendations feature, that enables marketers to present customers with highly personalized and relevant recommendations in web pages and emails. With data collected in real-time there is no costly product feed integration.

A powerful machine-learning engine enables recommendations to follow browsers across multiple interaction points and target different customer types with relevant product information.

The Fresh Relevance Product Recommendations feature includes:

  • People like you buy – Product recommendations targeted to customers or visitors based on their previous browsing behavior.
  • After viewing this, people bought – Promotes the highest converting product which is bought by people viewing the current product.
  • Purchased together – Flags products that are often bought together to increase upsell opportunities.
  • Best sellers / New in – Ideal for homepage and product page display, or personalized to a returning customer based on their history.
  • Recently browsed / recently purchased – Makes it easier for returning visitors or customers to locate and purchase the products they previously viewed.
  • Weather-based – Recommend products based on the weather at either the current or desired location of a shopper.

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, states: “The range of Product Recommendation features we are offering gives marketers the best possible opportunity to improve sales conversions and upsell opportunities.” Austin adds: “Crucially, as all content is collected in real-time, there are no integration projects or product feeds, meaning it can be deployed faster, managed simpler and at lower costs.”

Fresh Relevance Product Recommendations are ideal for eCommerce operations of all sizes. For large multi-national and multi-currency retailers, it ensures that customers are presented with region relevant products, displayed in the local language and currency.

Other real-time content tools available from Fresh Relevance include Image Personalization for Email and Web Images, Weather-Based Content, Countdown Timers, Twitter feed integration, Pinterest feed integration, Instagram feed integration, real-time Coupons and Data Capture Popovers.

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