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SOUTHAMPTON, UK – Fresh Relevance, the real-time marketing hub, today launched its Social Proof SmartBlock that enables online retailers to share with shoppers real-time statistics, showing what products and services have been recently viewed and/or purchased. For example "28 others are viewing this hotel right now!" or "7 recently bought!".

The Social Proof SmartBlock can be easily integrated with existing eCommerce sites and can also be embedded within email newsletters, offers and cart and browse abandonment emails. 

Social proof such as reviews, recommendations, and recently viewed items provides shoppers with more information and confidence upon which to base their purchasing decision. CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin explains: “Social proof is a tried and tested tactic used by large online retailers to boost sales and now Fresh Relevance is making this functionality available to a much wider market.” He adds: “Arguably, for smaller retailers that lack the marketing power of larger corporates, social proof has even greater significance.  Showing what others on the site are doing in real-time instills confidence that other shoppers are also buying the same or similar products.”

Social Proof is also a powerful technique to convert browsers to buyers during sale periods and limited offers by giving a sense of urgency. For example, displaying that 68 people have looked at the same 50% off product in the last 30 minutes will motivate the visitor to make a purchasing decision faster, if they fear they may miss out.   

The Social Proof SmartBlock is available now. Other real-time SmartBlocks available from Fresh Relevance include Countdown Timers, Web Crop (website content for use in email marketing) and Twitter integration.

Live Example (from our Demo Store):

Social Proof SmartBlock Social Proof SmartBlock Social Proof SmartBlock Social Proof SmartBlock

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