PRESS: The power of social proof lies beyond influencer marketing [netimperative]


Mike Austin, CEO & co-founder of Fresh Relevance, explains why marketers need to look past the hype surrounding influencer marketing when exploring new ways to drive sales.

Up and down the country, marketers are faced with the constantly declining effectiveness of traditional B2C marketing tactics. Today, only 9% of digital ads are being viewed for more than a second and 69% of UK consumers say they don’t trust advertisements. Also, one in three shoppers state they prefer to see images with real people instead of professional campaign shots.

Especially younger generations are sceptical when it comes to brand marketing. This doesn’t come as a surprise given that both Generation Z and millennials, who combined now comprise half of the total population, grew up in a world influenced by social media.

Looking for new ways to improve click-throughs and sales, many marketers are turning to social proof tactics which harness the fact that shoppers are influenced by the online behaviour of others when making a purchase decision. Investing in social media stars in particular has certainly become a hot topic.

04/16/2019 Media Coverage