Integrate Instagram into Your Emails and Web Pages!


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to update product images on your web pages and within your emails, that can also connect revenue to your Instagram engagement? 

With the Fresh Relevance Instagram SmartBlock you can now integrate Instagram posts into emails and web pages, in real-time. Your customers can click through directly to a fixed page via the Instagram SmartBlock embedded in your emails and web pages. This integration allows you to lead your customers directly to your eCommerce website or simply to your Instagram feed for more inspiration and ideas.



Instagram is a powerful mobile photo/video-centric social channel, which can be perfectly used for keeping your customers inspired and engaged with your brand through pictures and videos. Instagram, when used correctly, can be a highly targeted and engaging advertising channel. Brands can turbo-charge engagement with existing customers via integrations on emails and web pages, plus acquire new customers using hashtags and sponsored posts.


Fresh Relevance


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Our New Instagram SmartBlock

The Fresh Relevance Instagram SmartBlock enables brands to push rich personalized content directly to existing and potential customers by embedding real-time images in emails and on web pages. With the Instagram SmartBlock you have complete control over which images are visible and when. Embed Instagram images in emails and web pages using pre-designed templates or create custom templates using HTML and CSS to achieve any desired design and branding. The hardest part is deciding whether to filter or not to filter! #easy

Check out the two main reasons for using this feature:


1) Use Instagram as a Control Panel for Images and Product Recommendations

Get your customers connected with your latest offers and Product Recommendations. Keep customers inspired by showing your Instagram feed with our automatically updated Instagram SmartBlock built into your bulk emails, Browse and Cart Abandonment Emails, and web pages. You immediately have real-time control when posting to your account using a designated hashtag. Buyers can click from a web page or blog post directly to the Instagram page. (Pinterest SmartBlocks are more flexible in this regard and can take buyers directly to the product page or shopping cart).



2) Energize social engagement!

Attract more eyes to your Instagram page to increase social engagement and brand loyalty. Additionally, you can use the Instagram SmartBlock to lead your customers along a customized customer journey. For example, when shoppers click on an Instagram image in an email, they can be directed to a blogpost, your home page, the product page, or the Instagram post itself. You have the power to customize not only the look and feel of the SmartBlock, but also the direction and the journey your customers take when they are interacting with your brand in emails and on the web.



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