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Increase your email send frequency and make more revenue, without doing more work to setup email campaigns manually.

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This is Automated Content Creation. You set up Daily and Weekly emails once, then sit back and watch the extra sales roll in

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers. We can easily integrate with every eCommerce system and every Email Service Provider (ESP). Over half of our clients have custom stores or other custom websites.

The Fresh Relevance system tracks what shoppers are doing, and decides what categories of products are of interest to each shopper.

We also look at the most popular products in each category, and make recommendations based on all this behavioral data. This is all automatic and can generate the whole email, or just a part of the email, depending on the design desired by our client.

If the automatic selections aren't suitable, we provide extensive control to allow the marketer to tune and target recommendations to suit business objectives. For example, to exclude low stock products, or to promote products which aren't selling well.

Consider this as a partnership between your marketers and Fresh Relevance:

  • Use Fresh Relevance to provide personal offers to every customer.
  • Free your marketers to do innovative work that requires their skills.

Automated Emails are quick and easy:

  1. Get started with Fresh Relevance.
  2. Setup an email template in any ESP, paste Fresh Relevance product recommendations and other SmartBlocks into the middle, and use your ESP to send it every day.
  3. Still too hard? We can do this for you as a service, so you benefit immediately.

More about SmartBlocks

Fresh Relevance delivers real-time, personalized content.  Paste Slots (little chunks of HTML) into your emails or web pages and we fill them with SmartBlocks (real-time, personalized content):

  • Banners - e.g announcement or hero image. Read more
  • Coupons. Read more
  • Countdown Timers. Read more
  • Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Social Proof Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Instagram read more, Pinterest more and Twitter more
  • Web Crops - like a real-time "screen capture". Read more
  • Pop-over email address capture. Read more
  • Local Weather Report Read more
  • Custom - everything else, including script to dynamically modify your web page or menus.

The content for each slot is configured by Slot Rules and personalized by SmartBlock definitions. You have full control, in real-time from the Fresh Relevance UI. Read more with examples

Enabled my team to really push the boundaries of our email marketing strategies without compromising quality or budgets.

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Dale Edman, Vice President of eCommerce and Online Marketing, Wasserstrom

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