Browse Abandonment emails recover 50% more shoppers than cart abandonment alone

Cart and browse abandonment are the first steps in optimizing your website.


Browse Abandonment is the essential companion for Cart Abandonment 

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers.

  1. Shoppers constantly land on your website and look around.
  2. Some of them browse your products. If they leave now it's called Browse Abandonment.
  3. Some of them put products in the cart. If they leave now it's called Cart Abandonment.
  4. The remaining shoppers buy.

You must send emails to browse abandoners (who leave in step 2) and cart abandoners (who leave in step 3) because that gets you 50% more sales uplift than cart abandonment alone.

Fresh Relevance triggers the emails and they are sent totally automatically - you just design the email content. Emails are sent by your own ESP, so you can use the same data, styles and mail-merges for all your email marketing.

If you want to get more sophisticated you can use trigger rules to send different browse abandonment emails to different types of browse abandoners (for example different backgrounds depending on the product category they were looking at). And you can include all types of dynamic content - such as recommended products and real-time offers.

Cart Abandonment Email
Free Cart Abandonment Email Templates

Getting started is easy and quick

Go live immediately with our Quickstart ESP. Alternatively, integrate Triggered Messaging into your existing ESP or eCommerce system.

We provide detailed instructions and graphics to help you get set up and interface help appears on every page of the platform.

Fresh Relevance is cloud hosted so there’s nothing to install and we support every shopping cart.

Triggered Messaging System

10.5% sales uplift ... The innovation and expertise of the Fresh Relevance team is a real asset to Emma Bridgewater. The quality-of-service and support from the team is helping us to recover potentially lost sales and driving revenues from the website.

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David Beaumont Email Marketing Executive, Emma Bridgewater

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