Countdown Timers increase urgency, boost engagement and encourage sales

And keep shoppers informed of your opening hours and shipping deadlines.

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Advanced Countdown Timers that you can afford all the time.

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers.

Choose between Countdown Timers with animated seconds and quieter versions without

  • Countdown timers with animated seconds are a great way to increase urgency, boost engagement and encourage sales, for email and web. Read More
  • Other applications require more subtlety. For example you want to include the time until your order deadline for shipping today in your page header - but without distracting shoppers from the product details below. In this case, use a countdown timer without animation. Read More

Other uses of live images include real-time offers (for example show the current hourly deal whenever an email is opened) and real-time pricing (for example read the current price of a flight, advertised in your email, from your booking API). More about SmartBlocks

These applications make marketing more effective by increasing automation and giving marketers control over prices and offer availability in real time - even for channels such as email where traditionally the content was fixed at send time.

Countdown Timer SmartBlocks are very quick and easy to set up with Fresh Relevance

Our SmartBlocks work in emails as well as web pages and can drive urgency in various ways including promoting sales starting and ending, highlighting next day delivery or same day order.

They use standard HTML for layouts, so you have nothing to learn and it's easy to keep consistent formatting with your other marketing content.

As always, with Fresh Relevance you are in full creative control.

Countdown Timer Web Email Marketing
Live Countdown Timer for Email Marketing

Replace content on-the-fly

To keep your marketing topical, you can edit Slot Rules to display different content, without editing the web page or email. Here's a topical countdown timer that we're using to generate interest. (It links back to this page.)

Subtle animation attracts attention

This countdown has a slowly changing background color, but you could also vary font color, typeface (!), font size etc.

You've got the full power of HTML and CSS, so we're sure that clients will come up with a lot of ideas that are much cleverer than this!

Live Countdown Timer for Email Marketing
Live Countdown Timer for Email Marketing

And this is anything but subtle!

We're not suggesting that you use a rotating countdown every day, but once in a while it could really attract attention.

Live Weather Forecast

Add a real-time weather forecast to emails and web pages, which renders at time of open.

This feature is also not just for retailers. Travel Marketers can include the forecast in countdown emails for a customer's holiday, to engage them prior to their trip and make them think about purchasing things now.

Fresh Relevance Weather Forecasts are very easy to set up for use in both emails and on your website, to show the individual the weather forecast near them, or the forecast for where they are travelling.

You are in full control of how the weather forecast is presented, so you can create beautiful weather forecasts which match your branding.

Live Weather SmartBlock

More about SmartBlocks

Fresh Relevance delivers real-time, personalized content.  Paste Slots (little chunks of HTML) into your emails or web pages and we fill them with SmartBlocks (real-time, personalized content):

  • Banners - e.g announcement or hero image. Read more
  • Coupons. Read more
  • Countdown Timers. Read more
  • Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Social Proof Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Instagram read more, Pinterest more and Twitter more
  • Web Crops - like a real-time "screen capture". Read more
  • Pop-over email address capture. Read more
  • Local Weather Forecast. Read more
  • Custom - everything else, including script to dynamically modify your web page or menus.

The content for each slot is configured by Slot Rules and personalized by SmartBlock definitions. You have full control, in real-time from the Fresh Relevance UI. Read more with examples

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