Put Real-Time Coupons in your Emails and Web Pages

Bulk coupons, personalized to individuals, limited quantity, time based, or cascading offers etc.

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Personalize the Content of Coupons using Shopping Behaviors 

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers.

The Fresh Relevance coupon feature makes use of easy-to-manage SmartBlocks and Slot Rules, making everything quick and simple.

  • Hourly coupons – Use a single slot to display the current hourly Coupon.
  • Cascading offers – As shoppers buy more they get to see successively more valuable Coupons.
  • Limited quantity offers – Only the first 1,000 people see a Coupon.
  • Time-based discounts – A discount that drops over time, or other exotic offers, in to email.

Fresh Relevance integrates with all Coupon issuers - whether part of your ecommerce system or provided by a third party - and works across channels.

Load your Coupons into Fresh Relevance and it will issue them as you want, whether issuing a unique Coupon to each visitor, or identical bulk Coupons to everyone.

We issue Coupons to active users in real-time - not to everyone on your mailing list. This greatly reduces the number of wasted Coupons and lets you generate urgency by only providing a small number of Coupons that will run out. 

Coupons use standard Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks

This makes them simple to use and you can leverage Slot Rules to invent new ways of assigning coupons that are as sophisticated as any marketer could wish!

Triggered Messaging System

More about SmartBlocks

Fresh Relevance delivers real-time, personalized content. Paste Slots (little chunks of HTML) into your emails or web pages and we fill them with SmartBlocks (real-time, personalized content):

  • Banners - e.g announcement or hero image. Read more
  • Coupons. Read more
  • Countdown Timers. Read more
  • Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Social Proof Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Instagram read more, Pinterest more and Twitter more
  • Web Crops - like a real-time "screen capture". Read more
  • Pop-over email address capture. Read more
  • Local Weather Report Read more
  • Custom - everything else, including script to dynamically modify your web page or menus.

The content for each slot is configured by Slot Rules and personalized by SmartBlock definitions. You have full control, in real-time from the Fresh Relevance UI. Read more with examples

Whether it is a returning customer that is logged in or a new visitor, they are presented with products that are most likely to suit them.

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