See Customer Profiling made simple with triggered analytics and data feed management

Target and personalize better with real time data for customer profiles.


Customer Profiling Made Simple

Fresh Relevance collects all behavioral and transactional data in real-time to create visitor profiles. Any external customer data can be added to enrich the customer profile.

Fresh Relevance uses this insight for highly engaging communications that convert data, and also make it available to any other marketing system.

Simply blend behavioral, transactional and 3rd party data to build customer profiles to make communication highly relevant. Fresh Relevance automatically updates profiles and synchronizes them with your email marketing platform whilst targeting web visitors with appropriate content. Content targeting is congruent across your different digital channels ensuring the customer experience is seamless.

Build or enhance your single customer view

Fresh Relevance provides huge amounts of real-time data for you to use however you wish in any other platform.  

The rich data we collect is available as a ‘firehose’ solution to empower any other database or analysis suite you might have.

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Customer Profiling Firehose Data Example

Use your existing customer data to drive cross channel engagement

The flexible Fresh Relevance data model can accept any data from other systems. Your existing customer profiling strategy can be applied to ensure that any customer touch point is aligned with your understanding of your customers. A rules engine leverages your single customer view to ensure consistency of message across digital channels, based on the investment you have made into customer insight.

Unify Siloed Systems

The flexibility offered by Fresh Relevance lets us tune and optimize the product ranges which we promote and helps us to maximize ROI. [27% sales uplift]

Book Outlet sales uplift quote

Ian Michael, Marketing Director, The Book Outlet