Easy Onboarding

Install a 1-line script and a 1-pixel image, and we do the rest


Getting Started

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers. We can easily integrate with every eCommerce system and every Email Service Provider (ESP). Over half of our clients have custom stores or other custom websites.

  • You install a one-line script tag from Fresh Relevance on your ecommerce site and a one-pixel image on your purchase complete page. (Or use our Magento plug-in)
  • The Fresh Relevance team quickly customizes our script to record shopper activity as they browse your website, including products seen and purchased.
  • Fresh Relevance uses this data to drive real-time marketing: personalize your pages and emails in real-time; generate reports; provide data-feeds for your other marketing tools and put you in control.
  • The Fresh Relevance team work with you throughout the process, by phone and email, to make sure that we're delivering what you want. (Meet us, Contact us)
  • Read more in our "Quick Start Welcome" Slide Deck

Key Concepts

Take back control of your marketing, one step at a time, at your own pace. We can work alongside anything, so start using Fresh Relevance for Product Recommendations, or Real-Time Images, or Cart and Browse Abandonment. Then gradually replace your other applications when you see the benefit.